Get Involved

The OCS is searching for individuals and groups to help construct a sense of what might be considered ‘the common sound’ of Bray. Although this conversation begins with sound, it is free to shift towards other concerns about public space, local issues, and personal experiences of the area.

The OCS works with people of all backgrounds and ages including:

Local businesses
Community groups
Visiting specialists

The OCS works through methods including:

Sound walks
Reading groups
Field recordings
Listening sessions
Mapping exercises

If you would like to get involved, or if you know of someone who might be interested, please contact the OCS.

Looking for Specialists

The OCS is also looking for people with specific backgrounds such as:

Urban planners
Local historians

Working with sound as it relates to the built environment and public space is a challenging premise for a project. The OCS is a framework that responds to different interests and perspectives, emphasizing that the expertise needed to approach this complex subject lies in the hands of a diverse array of people. If you are based in Bray or Wicklow and you are working in one of these fields, the OCS would love to have you in for a discussion about your work.

Working in Bray

The OCS is focused on exploring issues involving sound within the context of the region of Bray. Knowledge of this territory lies with those who are living in this area, and the OCS is hoping to draw on this local expertise to develop its focus. Your ideas and suggestions could have a great impact on the way that the OCS evolves. You are encouraged to share your ideas and comments with the OCS this June.